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Canvas Club is an art community based in Montreal, providing creative event services & art education experiences. The vision is to create spaces for creative expression, wellness, and connection at the everyday level. Founded by Zoe Dedes, an artist and art educator with a special interest in community art practices and "Art as Therapy". At Canvas Club, we believe everyone is talented.

Canvas Club curates in-person art experiences around the city by combining personalized art instruction with a low-pressure environment. You can find us at one of our informal Paint & Sips, where we pair liquid courage with creativity. We also cater to private events; whether you are celebrating a special occasion, or planning a corporate experience, or just want to paint!


Canvas Club can help you conceive and organize your own creative event, adapted to your group's interests and experience levels. We provide all materials and instruction, allowing you to explore without hesitation.


As a business, Canvas Club's main vision is to create accessible spaces for artistic exploration. 

We love to collaborate, make friends, and learn something new. 

Our ambition is to keep growing and creating alongside you, as artists. 

Founder Zoe Dedes

About Zoe Dedes

Artist & Art Educator 

BA Art Education       Concordia University 

Special Interest in Art Therapy

Creating spaces for connection and wellness through art. 

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